Last week I traveled to “the other coast” — Los Angeles, California — to perform my touring show in HOLLYWOOD! Definitely a performer’s dream!! The show was for hundreds of children and adults, and it was a HUGE success! I caught a signed paintball, that was fired from a paintball gun, in my teeth… made a woman’s diamond ring disappear and then appear inside a gumball machine… predicted what random audience members would draw… and lots more!

Before the show, I visited the world famous MAGIC CASTLE in Hollywood. It was an absolutely incredible experience! The Magic Castle is basically the most unusual private club in the world, with multi-rooms of magic shows, close-up, and other cool stuff from the world of magic and illusion.

Of course during my brief stay in LA, I also went to the Universal Studios Backlot and the Warner Brothers Studio Backlot. Always very interesting seeing and being on sets where TV shows and movies are made.

Overall my stay in LA was a most memorable time for me, and I certainly hope to go back very soon.


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