Last week we had the honor to perform our illusion show and walk-around close-up magic at one of the most incredible private properties in all of New York — Alan Wilzig’s Racing Manor nestled among the Taghkanic mountains! The “Wilzig Racing Manor” is Alan’s personal museum of over 100 cars and motorcycles, along with the largest racetrack for private recreational use in this country, right in his backyard. Over TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS worth of cars and motorcycles were there! Soooo cool!!

But the most important part of this day, and what made it so different and special, was that this event was a fundraiser for an amazing charity called Camp Sundown. Camp Sundown is a camp for children with Xeroderma Pigmentosa (XP), an illness where sunshine is the enemy. Imagine that you had to put on a hooded jacket, gloves and hat every time you went outside to keep the sun from blistering your skin. XP is a rare disease that causes extreme light sensitivity and puts patients at risk for cancers, ulcers and other conditions. As Camp Sundown says, “Camp Sundown brings together children and their families to share experiences, information and laughter under the safety of the stars.” This day camp experience runs on a different time clock. Turning night into day, Camp Sundown provides a week of fun, friendship and activities. For families and children dealing with XP on a daily basis, this is a dream come true.”

Being able to entertain at an event that was supporting and raising money for such a great cause is just another reason why I, and the rest of the Extreme Team, love what we do! Lizzy magically disappeared while completely surrounded, a woman’s diamond ring appeared inside a gumball machine, I escaped from a chained and locked box while being secured with handcuffs, and many other illusions. We were told what a great time was had by all!

Thank you Alan and Karin Wilzig and Dan Sperling for organizing this incredible day.

To learn more about Camp Sundown or to donate, go to
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